Visite la Republica Dominicana!

Dominican Republic


Here in Boston, and in many places now across the world, winter is baring its icy teeth, and things are going to get much colder before they warm up again. Of course, that’s not true everywhere, and what better way to escape the sleet, snow, and hail than a spectacular Caribbean vacation?

Just in time for the coming freeze, is proud to offer an avalanche of new and totally awesome tours to the Dominican Republic. So, vamonos! Here are some of the best reasons to visit the unique and historic country as well as some of the new activities you can book quickly and easily with TakeTours.

Easy Come, Easy Stay


Punta Cana airport is the second-busiest in the region, and all major airlines have routes there from most major cities. Additionally, most people will only need a valid passport to enter. With year-round warm temperatures– usually sitting comfortably between 70 and 90 degrees Farenheit– and an average of 300 days of sunshine each year, there is no getaway quite like this. In fact, it is the most-visited of all the Caribbean islands. This is no doubt in part due to its many beaches- don’t you want to feel the sand beneath your toes, go snorkeling, and dive into crystal-clear blue waters? Relaxation at its best.

Sunshine, Nature, y Mas

Once you arrive in the island nation, there is no shortage of things to do. The completion of a new 4-lane highway is scheduled for late November 2013 and will open up more opportunities than ever for tourists. Activities such as visits to Altos de Chavon, Soana Island, and Santo Domingo touring will be easier than ever. Aside from its pristine beaches and perfect weather, the Dominican is also known for its cigar factories. Check out this great 1-day cigar factory tour, where you can see firsthand who produces some of the most popular hand-made cigars in the world. More of an outdoor explorer aficionado? No problem, just grab your hiking shoes! The Dominican Republic is home to Duarte Peak, the highest point in the West Indies.

La Flor Dominicana Cigar Factory
La Flor Dominicana Cigar Factory

Perhaps the most popular vacation destination for everyone from families to honeymooners is Punta Cana, or the “Point of the White Cane Palms.” Some of the most popular activities in the Punta Cana area include side-by-side buggies, luxury catamarans, and speedboats with Snuba. Plus, visitors to the Dominican Republic just cannot miss seeing the Altos de Chavon, one of biggest architectural wonders of the island. The Altos de Chavon Tour includes round-trip transportation from your Punta Cana hotel as well as the entrance fee.

Altos de Chavon
Altos de Chavon


So with so much to do and see, why wait? Book your Punta Cana excursions today! We may even see you there!