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It would be difficult to say that summer is not the best season to go away on vacation. Is there a better time to travel to a destination which you’ve always dreamt of seeing, to swim in the cooling waters of the ocean, or immerse yourself in the natural world? TakeTours is here to help you find the perfect summer getaway, whether you want to catch a tan on the beach, revel in some U.S. history, or hike a mountain in the vast wilderness. We’ve highlighted our pick of top 6 American summer destinations for you. We hope you enjoy them!

Miami/Key West, Florida- trips start at $17 per person

What would summer be without a trip to the beach? And what better beach to visit than famous Miami Beach, with its long stretch of perfect, soft sand and beautiful Atlantic waters? Grab your sunscreen and bathing suits, and get ready to bask in the powerful Florida sun. If you get tired of the beach, just take a stroll down the streets to view the city’s famous Art Deco district.

Of course, the hustle and bustle of the city is not for everyone. For those who still seek the experience of Florida’s perfect beaches, but also wish to avoid those urban stresses, Key West is the place to be. About a three hour drive south from Miami, Key West holds several gems, like Duval Street, the island’s restaurant and shopping district, where you can grab a delicious Cuban sandwich from one of the local cafes.

Key West, Florida









Niagara Falls, New York- trips start at $108 per person

If you’re wondering how best to maximize your summer vacation, consider visiting one of the U.S.’s greatest natural wonders: Niagara Falls. Hop on one of the boats of the area’s trademark tour line, Maid of the Mist, letting it sail you as close to the falls as safely possible, so you can feel the cool mists that cascade off the thunderous falls. The area also contains several tranquil parks, as well as the Corning Museum of Glass. After nightfall, you can have the pleasure of seeing the Niagara Falls Illumination show, when lights shine through the gorge, making one of the greatest natural wonders even more spectacular!

Niagara Falls









Washington, D.C.- trips start at $35 per person

With all its historic landmarks and world-renowned museums, the capital city of the United States will make any history-buff swoon with glee at the sight of massive monuments dedicated to some of the nation’s greatest political figures: Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson. The Smithsonian Mall houses some fantastic museums, like the National Air and Space Museum, which chronicles the history of flight.

Lincoln Memorial









Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming- trips start at $368 per person

Do you like to spend your summers outdoors, but prefer the thick, leafy aromas of the deep woods to the sun and sand of the beach? Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is a can’t-miss destination for those of you wild at heart. Featuring some of the country’s most breathtaking natural wonders, such as Old Faithful, the geyser named for its reliability in erupting approximately every 91 minutes, and Mammoth Hot Springs, you could spend weeks exploring Yellowstone and still find new areas to amaze you.

Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful








San Francisco, California- trips start at $44 per person

San Francisco is no stranger to summer: in 1967, it was the heart of the “Summer of Love,” part of the countercultural hippie movement of the late sixties, and though that decade is long past, this vibrant city still bears a strong allure. See the monumental Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most impressive man-made structures in the U.S., or take a cruise in the bay to Alcatraz, home of the infamous prison of the same name, that once contained some of the country’s most notorious criminals, including fearsome mobster Al Capone.

Lombard Street San Francisco








Las Vegas, Nevada- trips start at $65 per person

Maybe you’re the type who can’t decide which they prefer: the excitement of the city or the humbling beauty of the natural world. Las Vegas offers the best of both worlds. With a thrilling nightlife packed with casinos and entertainment, you can spend your evenings seeing shows like the Bellagio’s famous fountain, which displays a beautiful wall of geyser-like columns of water. Then, in the morning, you can head outside of the city to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for some of the best desert hiking opportunities in the vast western U.S.

Las Vegas









While there is still plenty of time to book your perfect vacation, you should hurry or these summer months of sun will pass you by without hesitation. TakeTours will help you get to wherever your heart desires to go!