Top 5 Reasons To Visit Canada This Summer

Looking for reasons to visit Canada this summer? We give you the top 5

Top 5 reasons to visit canada this summer
Toronto Skyline

Oooohhhhhh Canadaaaaaa! The United States’ friendly neighbor to the north is a sprawling expanse of diverse landscapes and beautiful cities full of entertaining activities and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Of course, you’ll never meet them if you don’t visit the land of the maple leaf. We at love Canada, and want to help convince you to visit, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to visit Canada this summer and why you should consider an adventure through the provinces for your next vacation.

1. Nature

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park
Banff National Park

Canada covers a vast expanse of land, featuring a diverse landscape and some of the most beautiful natural sceneries in the world. We’ve talked at length about the exquisite majesty of Niagara Falls, but it’s worth repeating that this location is one of the greatest natural wonders in the entire world! One amazing way to see as much of Canada as possible is to travel along the Trans-Canada Highway, which stretches from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to Victoria, British Columbia, passing through some of the country’s most scenic areas along the way, such as the expansive Banff National Park in Alberta. Once you reach British Columbia, you should explore the dense forests north of Vancouver for an exciting adventure in an absolutely beautiful temperate rainforest.

2. Food

Historic District of Old Québec
Historic District of Old Québec

Though Canada isn’t known around the world for its cuisine, that doesn’t mean you’ll have trouble finding delicious food. The country is known most for its delicious maple syrup, so go ahead, call it your a cheat day, and order that large stack of pancakes (at TakeTours, every day is our cheat day)! The Canadian city most famous for its food has to be Montreal, where local Canadian styles mix with Quebec’s French history, combining for a delicious style. One of the most popular French-Canadian dishes is called poutine, which is French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. Seriously, poutine takes fries to the next level; you can’t miss out on trying them!

3. Festivals

Butchart Gardens
Butchart Gardens

Victoria Day is a major national holiday in Canada, occurring every May. This year, the date falls on Monday, May 22nd, and most employers recognize the holiday by granting their workers the day off. If you are in Ottawa, the capital of the Ontario province, you should stop by the Victoria Day Festival, which coincides with tail-end of the Ottawa Tulip Festival. The combined event mixes the beautiful display of flowers with the easygoing nationalism of the holiday. It’s a fun event and a great chance to meet some friendly locals.

4. Cities

City of Vancouver
City of Vancouver

The cities of Canada are brilliant, entertaining centers of culture. Toronto has all the offerings of any modern American city, complete with historic buildings and locations, as well as a vibrant nightlife that will please those who are wild at heart. Vancouver is similar, and boasts one of the highest qualities of living of any city on the planet. It’s also a great place to learn about the history of the Indigenous Peoples of North America, proud groups who are always willing to share their heritage and culture with visitors. For those who want the feel of a European city, but can’t afford an expensive trip across the ocean, Quebec City captures the atmosphere of a classic French city, full of history and the unique French-Canadian culture.

5. Sports

Hockey Tournament
Source: s.yume – Hockey Tournament

Canadians love their sports teams, and for good reason. They are one of the best hockey playing nations in the world, represented by National Hockey League teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Vancouver Canucks, the Calgary Flames, and more. Canada as a nation has won gold in hockey at the Winter Olympics a total of nine times, more than any other nation. But hockey isn’t the only major sport you’ll be able to see; the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball and the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association are also quite formidable teams in their respective competitions. In fact, the Raptors are fighting through the playoffs right now, and if you go to see a game, you might be able to spot famous rapper Drake sitting courtside, since Toronto is his hometown.

These are only a few of the many reasons to visit Canada this summer. Book your trip now, and you will discover so many more that will help you fall in love with this vibrant country. Head over to to see what special Canadian vacation packages we have available!