The Amazing World of Corn!

The Amazing World of Corn! – Favorite Activity in the U.S ?

 a-maze-ing corn
The Amazing World of Corn

The Amazing World of Corn is in the full swing of the fall season. Though it’s getting a little chillier all over North America, there is still time to get outside and appreciate this dynamic season. There are still plenty of leaves in the process of changing colors, and it’s high-season for pumpkins. But one of the fall’s best activities is the classic corn maze. With hundreds located around the US and Canada, there is sure to be one near you. They’re a great way to spend an afternoon with your family. With such a large variety of mazes, they can range from simple and quick to difficult and time-consuming. And since corn grows back every year, the layouts of these mazes can change annually, many mazes pride themselves on picking a unique theme. Below, we’ve included some of our favorites from around the country.

Richardson Farm in Spring Grove, Illinois makes the bold claim of being the largest corn maze in the world. Covering over 33 acres of land and including 10 miles of winding passageways within, it’s definitely a strong contender for that title. This year’s design features the logo of the Chicago Blackhawks, who won the National Hockey League’s 2015 Stanley Cup. If you’re a Chicago sports fan, completing this maze is a great way to show your hometown pride! Within the maze are quick 5 to 10 minute games for kids. Families can also try to find 24 special checkpoints within, which should take about an hour and a half to complete. The huge maze isn’t the only thing to do at Richardson; visitors can also ride the carousel, feed hungry goats, watch pig races, take pony rides, mine for gemstones, take a hayride, and participate in a whole variety of other activities for all ages! Richardson is about an hour and a half drive north from Chicago.

The Amazing World of Corn
Corn Maze

The maze at Dole Plantation on Hawaii’s Oahu island is technically a garden hedge maze (there’s no corn), but given the fact that it holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest maze of this kind in the world and features a giant pineapple in the center means that we couldn’t resist adding it to our list! You may recognize the Dole name if you’ve ever shopped for fruit and juice at the grocery store. This plantation is where the company got its start. If you can finish the maze fast enough, you’ll get a special reward and have your name added to a sign at the maze’s entrance. Ready, Set, Pineapple!

After just an hour drive from Boston, Massachusetts, you can find yourself in Sterling, home of the Davis Mega Mystery Maze! Weekends in October are definitely the time to visit this 8-acre maze when you’ll be able to join in Fright Nights from between 6:30 and 9 PM. They turn the maze into a haunted house, full of ghosts and monsters at every turn. Be sure to bring your flashlight and your bravest face! Other activities available at Davis are outdoor laser tag, zip-lines, and many other games. The Mystery Maze has been voted the best field maze in the world by CNN.

The Happy Day Farm in Manalapan, New Jersey is the state’s largest corn maze, and though it is relatively new, it gains popularity each year. In the past, it has been cut to resemble the faces of famous Jersey natives like legendary singer Frank Sinatra. In 2015, it will be commemorating the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. Pictures from the sky reveal that the maze depicts a Union and the Confederate soldier going head-to-head in the heat of battle.

Wisconsin’s Treinen Farm features some of our personal favorite designs each year. The pathways and designs seem more intricate and thought-out. For example, in recent years it has depicted the Greek goddess Athena and her owl, Kraken from Norse mythology, Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, a dragonfly, a mermaid, a T-Rex, and much more equally impressive images. Each year seems to build on the last. In 2015, the pathways come together to form a fox running past grape vines. Each group that visits the maze gets a free map so they can try to find their way along. But there are plenty of secret areas waiting inside that you can’t find on the map, so be on the lookout!

corn maze

OK – Kraay Family Farms is actually in Alberta, Canada and not the US, but it’s got such a cool maze that we had to include it. It’s an hour and a half north of Calgary, the largest city in the province, and also very close to Banff National Park, one of Canada’s best nature preserves. This means there’s plenty of places to visit nearby if you want to make a fun weekend trip out of this. The corn maze here is even open at night. There is, however, a small catch; since it is not lit up, visitors are required to bring their own flashlights. This can make for a very creepy experience – perfect for the arrival of Halloween! In recent years, the Kraay Farms maze has taken the form of a giant QR code. This year’s design celebrates the 35th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope. The inspiring story of how Terry became a Canadian hero began in 1977 when his right leg was amputated to remove a tumor from his body. Fitted with an artificial leg, Terry never lets this setback define the rest of his life. In April 1980, he began an incredible journey: over the next 143 days, he would run an average of 26 miles per day across six provinces (that averages out to about one marathon each day!). In total, he covered about 3,339 miles before he was forced to stop to receive further treatment. His cancer had unfortunately spread to the other leg. Though he would sadly pass away in June the next year at the young age of 22 years-old, he would get to see his Marathon of Hope raise $24.17 million. Kraay Family Farms could not have picked a more inspirational person as this year’s theme for their corn maze. At the farm, you can find plenty of opportunities to donate to the cause, helping to fund cancer research and bring hope to the countless families who are affected by this disease each year.

Wow! Who knew there were so many incredible corn mazes in North America? The most a-maze-ing part is that we’ve only listed a very small fraction of the total number; as it turns out, there are hundreds of these located all across the US. There are even entire websites that help you find all the corn mazes near you. Basically, there’s no reason for you not to lose yourself for an afternoon in one, especially if you’ve never done it before. Make it all part of your dream fall vacation by booking on, where you’ll find the best options in convenient, affordable travel plans. Have fun finding your way through all these corn mazes!