Thanksgiving Getaways


Thanksgiving Getaways – Where to Travel?

Thanksgiving Getaways
Thanksgiving Holiday

On November 26th, the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving, one of the country’s most important holidays. It is a day reserved for sharing love with your family and friends, reflecting on all the blessings in your life, and, of course, football! It’s the best time of the year to get together, feast on delicious food, and then sleep it off for a few days! Seriously, it’s exhausting eating all that turkey. Why not do something a little different this Thanksgiving by taking a family vacation to one of the top destinations in the US? TakeTours deals page has plenty of multi-day vacation packages listed for Thanksgiving Getaways just waiting for you to come and check out. We’re here to tell you about some of our favorites!

Black Friday

Before we get into talking about some awesome Thanksgiving tours, let’s get Black Friday out of the way. These days, it’s unavoidable to hear about the day after Turkey Day, when stores around the country have amazing sales. It has become the number one shopping day of the year. Black Friday’s popularity has grown so big that many stores open at midnight after Thanksgiving. The Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Woodbury, New York is already one of the busiest outlet malls in the country, home to 220 different stores, including American Eagle, Converse, Polo Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, and so much more. This is the place to be on Black Friday. You’ll find never-ending sales on items you didn’t even know you wanted! Booking this 1-Day Woodbury Outlet Black Friday Crazy Sale Shopping Tour from Boston for $59 will have picked up in the morning and have you back in Beantown in the evening. Of course, for those of you who want to beat the rush and get started at midnight, booking this 2-Day Woodbury Outlets Black Friday Crazy Sale Shopping Tour from Boston, will have you leaving 6 PM on Thanksgiving night, arriving at Woodbury at 11 PM, letting you shop until the next morning, and getting you back to Boston by 1 PM. This is for the extreme shoppers out there!

Remember: family always comes before shopping, and though it may be tempting to line up and get all your holiday shopping done early, you should never make going to the mall a priority over your loved ones. Make your Black Friday plans accordingly.

Thanksgiving Getaways
Black Friday Madness


East Coast Vacations

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a huge, nationally broadcasted event that marches down the streets of Manhattan on Thanksgiving morning. It’s been running since 1924. There are hundreds of floats featuring the casts of current Broadway musicals; live musical performances from the biggest names in popular music, like Jordan Sparks, Mariah Carey, Train, and Trey Songz; marching bands; and, of course, giant balloons of some of the most beloved characters from film and television, including Pikachu, Buzz Lightyear, Spongebob Squarepants, and Snoopy. Even if you can’t be there to see it, you should be sure to watch it on TV. For those looking for a bit of adventure this Thanksgiving, we’ve got the perfect opportunity to see as much as possible by booking this 7-Day 2015 Thanksgiving and Black Friday Madness Shopping East Coast Deluxe Tour from New York. You’ll cover all the major locations in the Northeast, including Philadelphia, Washington D.C., mighty Niagara Falls, and Boston. You’ll even get to stop in Woodbury for Black Friday, in case you were worried you’d miss out on the savings. Over the course of the week, you’ll get to see amazing sights like the Statue of Liberty, the White House, and the campuses of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, two of the country’s top universities.

Of course, maybe 7 days is too long for you to take off work and school. For shorter versions of this tour, you can book this 3-Day Niagara Falls, Washington DC, Watkins Glen Tour from New York/New Jersey. Because you won’t be visiting cities all over the Northeast, you’ll get to spend a little more time in each place, making every location that much more memorable. On your way to Niagara Falls, you’ll make a stop in Corning, NY to visit the Corning Museum of Glass, a unique museum that details the history and craft behind glassmaking. Some of the installations they have on display are simply breathtaking works of art. Also, you’ll get to stop in Watkins Glen State Park to walk the Gorge Trail that winds its way over 20 beautiful waterfalls. And don’t forget about the famous Maid of the Mist boast cruise that will take you as close as safely possible to the base of Niagara Falls, where you’ll be able to feel the roaring water coming down. Don’t worry: you’ll be wearing a protective poncho to keep dry! If you’re more interested in history than nature, book this 2-Day Washington DC, Philadelphia Tour from New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia, which focuses more on the urban environment of three of the country’s most beloved cities. This includes stops at Princeton University, a celebrated Ivy League school, and National Independence Park in Philly, home of the Liberty Bell and Congress Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed.



Orlando & Miami

Are you going to be somewhere cold and rainy for Thanksgiving? Do you want to change that? Head to Florida, where it’s currently around 80 degrees! This state is full of cities that offer endless entertainment, especially Miami, where you can explore the trendy neighborhood of South Beach, which is full of Art Deco architecture. On top of that, you can visit Key West, the furthest south you can go while still remaining in the United States, and St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country since it was settled by Spanish colonists. Take a look at all your options by checking out our Orlando Tours and Vacations deals page! And speaking of Orlando, why not experience all the magic of the local theme parks, like Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and many more by booking an Orlando Vacation Package, with trips starting at under $300 per person? Whether you want to go down there for 4, 5, or even 8 days, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from. Many of these tours also include visits to Miami and other cities, so you can make the most of your time in Florida.



There you have it: whether you want to spend time lounging on Miami Beach, hearing the roar of Niagara Falls, exploring the cities of the East Coast, or anything in between, has got you covered, because we know how stressful planning a family vacation for the holidays can be. Leave all that worrying to us, and have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!