With the Right Etiquette, Bus Tours Make Memorable Trips

TakeTours customers enjoy a bus tour of the Grand Canyon
Customers enjoy a special moment at the Grand Canyon

by Andrew Lin

To many people, the group tour–and especially the bus tour–can be an easy alternative to the logistical stress of planning trips for families or other large groups. With its pre-set menu of accommodations, destinations, and transportation, it is the tourism equivalent of an easy-prep microwaveable meal: just add people, and then travel. But there are other benefits, too. On a bus tour, you can efficiently cover a string of major cities and a slew of attractions in a matter of days, avoid lines and confusion at tourist destinations, and learn about the area you’re visiting from a local expert instead of from a travel book. The result is often a much more economical, pleasant, and less hectic vacation (especially if you let someone else do the driving!)

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