No Work And All Play Make This A Great Labor Day!

No Work And All Play Makes This a Great Labor Day! Don’t We Love The Holidays?

No Work And All Play Make This A Great Labor Day!
Labor Day Weekend Travel

Labor Day is a celebration of the American workforce, when many people get a well-deserved Monday off, giving them a nice long weekend to enjoy however they choose. No work and all play make this a great labor day weekend, it is also the end of many people’s summers because it is the last chance to get away for a few days to enjoy the sunny weather. We at TakeTours can’t wait for our own long weekends, and we’re sure you’re gearing up for the same. But what about those of you who don’t already have vacation plans for Labor Day Weekend? What are you all waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to go on the best weekend getaway you’ll ever have the pleasure of taking! Visit our Labor Day Weekend Deals page for complete information on all the deals discussed below:

Labor Day Weekend Trips from New York

The Big Apple is the main hub on the East Coast, and there are a lot of destinations within driving distance that make for perfect multi-day getaways. For example, you can book these 2-4 Day Tours to Niagara Falls, starting at $108 per person. If you’ve never been, now is a great chance to knock it off your bucket list! You’ll get the chance to partake in all the fun activities in the area, like the famous Maid of the Mist cruise, which brings you as close to Niagara Falls as safely possible, where all you can hear is the deafening roar of the falling waters.

Speaking of places filled with “deafening roars,” Washington, D.C. is an easy drive down the coast from NYC. America’s capital is gearing up for the 2016 Presidential election, and the debates have already begun, making the city very active. Loaded with historic buildings, you can book any of the 2-4 Day Tours to Washington DC & Philadelphia that are very educational – a big draw for anyone interested in history or politics – and are often coupled with visits to nearby Philadelphia, a city that was very important in the foundation of the country. If you have never seen the way the summer sun reflects off the white marble of D.C.’s monuments – like the towering Washington Monument or the stately Lincoln Memorial – head on down for Labor Day Weekend!

Alternatively, if you’re in New York and the current state of U.S. politics has you down, why don’t take the cue from many before you and flee to Canada by booking a Montreal Tour from New York starting at $152 per person? The Olympic Stadium is a huge athletic complex, built back when the city hosted the 1976 Summer Games. There is a tower on the grounds that provides amazing views of this European-influenced city. If you’d like a good mix of American and Canadian activities, you should book an East Coast vacation package for 4 days or more, which is great if you want to get away for more than just a short weekend.

No Work And All Play Make This A Great Labor Day
Statue of Liberty, NY


Labor Day Weekend Trips from Boston

Though not as busy as NYC, Boston is an important northeastern city in its own right. But even its proud residents will complain about the summer humidity. Luckily, there are plenty of beaches in Massachusetts where the local population can cool off. It is also a popular starting point for tours to Canada. If you just want a quick overnight experience, you should book this 2-Day Niagara Falls & Thousand Islands Tour, starting at $175 per person. The beautiful Thousand Islands region, which makes up a large portion of the US-Canadian border, is popular for its boat tours that cruise in the narrow waterways between the islands, many of which feature magnificent mansions. Booking this 3-Day Tour to Toronto & Niagara Falls will throw Canada’s largest city into the mix, where you’ll visit the CN Tower, considered one of the most impressive examples of modern engineering. Also, check out more options by booking this 3-Day Tour to Montreal, Quebec City & Lake George or booking this 4-Day Tour to Tennessee Rock City & Virginia, which is a nice trip through the American south.

Faneuil Hall - Boston, Massachusetts


Labor Day Weekend Trips from Los Angeles

Though there is a drought in Southern California right now, that has not stopped tourists from wanting to explore the region, regarded for its perfect weather year-round. Out West, you’ll be able to see some of the amazing geological features in the large national parks that lie waiting in the desert. The crown jewel of these is Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Visible from outer space, the canyon is the greatest natural wonder in the country, and with 4 different rims to explore, you can admire this incredible sight from the nearly-infinite angles along the many hiking trails that wind both above and below the canyon. You can book a 2-4 Day Tours to the Grand Canyon that starts for as little as $99. If you’d like to mix rugged outdoor adventures with a hip, urban setting, book one of these 2-3 Day Tours to San Francisco & Yosemite. The Bay Area is one of the major cultural centers of the west coast, and San Francisco is the crown jewel, home to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Many of these tours also include a cruise in the Bay, during which you can see the infamous prison on Alcatraz Island. California is a big state with an endless amount of things to do, places to go and people to see, so we’d understand if you would prefer a little more time to explore. If you want to get a full taste of the Wild West, you might want to book a West Coast Vacation Package, starting at only $238 per person, which is an absolute steal!

Los Angeles, California


Labor Day Weekend Trips from San Francisco

Like we just discussed, San Francisco always packs some fun. If you’re only in the area for a short time, you can book any of these 1-Day San Francisco Trips & Activities, some of which are available for just $45 per person! If you have some more time available, you can book any of the 2-4-Day Tours to the Grand Canyon, which combines the natural landmark with stops in Yosemite, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, among other locations. For even more options, you can also book plenty of 4+ Day West Coast Tours that begin in the Bay Area, starting at $238 per person.

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, California


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