New Tours to Mediterranean Paradises

Barcelona, Spain


Picture yourself lounging on the shores of a Mediterranean beach, meandering through the narrow winding streets of medieval cities, or casually sipping the finest wine on a beautiful vineyard in the hilly countryside. Now, stop daydreaming about it and head to, where you can find new tours in both Spain and Italy, icons of Mediterranean culture and history. Similarities between the two nations abound: sprawling, urban centers filled with historic medieval and Renaissance buildings, separated by vast stretches of small farms, rolling hillsides, and small-yet-steep mountains; a history of empires and militaries who, at their respective height, were the most revered nations in the world; longstanding religious histories like Italy’s relationship with the papacy and Spain’s Christian and Muslim conflicts. You will see rich collections of art, impeccably-designed churches, and so much more of these romantic countries on these new tours. Viva Espana or Italia: the choice is yours!


Starting in Madrid, you can take sightseeing tours that travel to individual cities, like Barcelona and Valencia, or that span multiple days, chauffeuring you around the Iberian peninsula. These latter tours are not solely limited to Spain; many will also take you to the best parts of Portugal or even on the ferry for a few days across the Strait of Gibraltar in Morocco, allowing you to compare the influence of Islamic culture in Northern Africa and Spain. Speaking of Islamic influence over Spain, many of these Spanish tours make a point to stop in Granada at the Alhambra, perhaps the most exquisite and ornate palace complexes in the world. It is described by Muslim poets from the time as a “pearl set in emeralds” because of the way its creamy-white walls rise above the surrounding green forests. What began as a small fortress in the 9th-century BCE was eventually expanded, after numerous renovations and additions, into the current complex that features multiple palaces and lovely gardens. Thankfully for modern-day visitors, when Christian rulers regained control of the country and destroyed many significant Muslim buildings, they decided to continue the use of the Alhambra as a seat of royalty. 1-Day Sightseeing Tours in Spain are perfect for travelers who have limited time to explore, and start at $25 per person. If you are lucky enough to have more than one day to get around, you might want to check out Spain Tour Packages, starting around $500 per person. Don’t forget, hotel accommodations and transportation are already included in multi-day tour pricing, so that is all taken care of for you!

Madrid, Spain



While Spain was busy building a global empire, Italy was not really the “Italy” we think of today; what is now one country was divided into smaller, autonomous states, such as Tuscany, Verona, and Venice – not unlike the city-states of ancient Greece. The effect of this division, other than the numerous wars fought between these states, was that each Italian city has its own unique atmosphere. Many of the new tours listed on TakeTours center around Rome, once the heart of the greatest empire of its time, and visit such monuments as the Ara Pacis, an ancient Roman monument to Pax, the goddess of peace, built by Emperor Augustus after his long military campaigns away from the capital; the Villa Borghese, an exquisite Renaissance-era mansion that has been converted to an art gallery and gardens complex; and Vatican City, the headquarters of the Catholic church and location of St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest church in the world. Some of the tours will also take you out of Rome to some of the other magnificent urban centers of Italy, like Florence, which, during the Renaissance, had perhaps the greatest output of artistic creativity of any one geographical location, as it was the home of artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. The Florence Cathedral is particularly famous for Brunelleschi’s Dome, which was higher and wider than any other domed roof at the time of its construction. This is why native Florentines refer to the cathedral as “Il Duomo.” Other potential destinations from Rome include Naples, the ruins of ancient Pompeii, and more. If you are already in Europe, then you have to check out these 1-Day Sightseeing Tours in Italy. Starting at only $31, these tours are the perfect way to see everything! If you are seeking multi-day tours, you can also check out Italy Vacation Packages departing from Rome, starting at just under $400 a person!

Rome, Italy


If you appreciate European history, breathtaking landscapes, impeccable artistic achievements, delicious food, or thrilling nightlife – you name it! – then Spain and Italy are two destinations that you cannot afford to miss. What you will be able to afford, however, are the prices for these tours on, which is always here to help you take the vacation of your dreams, even if your dreams require a budget.