New Tours in Hawaii, Yellowstone, and Africa!

Vacations are meant to be times of relaxation and adventure, as unforgettable as they are re-energizing. Yet, finding the perfect getaway can often be an excruciating ordeal on its own, and, on top of this, the vacation can end up falling short of expectations. With new tours to exotic locations added regularly, the ideal vacation is waiting for you at

Oahu/Waikiki Coastal Tours

Oahu, part of the Hawaiian Islands, is a jewel resting in the center of the Pacific Ocean, featuring some of the most popular beaches in the world. You can now book tours from Waikiki Beach that will sail you around the coast of this magnificent island, taking you to offshore sites where you can swim and snorkel with majestic sea creatures like dolphins and turtles. Are you traveling with that special someone? Take a romantic sunset cocktail cruise, sipping on tropical drinks while you snuggle with your loved one. The open waters also provide the best views for the Friday night fireworks. Prices for Hawaiian activities start at just $49!
















Few places capture the exquisite beauty of America’s diverse landscape as completely as Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. We have a new vendor that offers tours starting in nearby Jackson, where you will be picked up and brought to this park, which is home to breathtaking geological formations, like the Grand Prismatic Spring, a multicolored hot spring that gets its tones from bacteria living along its edges, and magnificent wildlife like the American bison, wolves, and black bears. After you get the chance to see Old Faithful erupt, the geyser that is regarded as one of the greatest wonders of the natural world, you will be “wondering” why you never went to Yellowstone sooner.















Africa – Nairobi

Roar! Looking to let out your inner lion? Take a cue from Ernest Hemingway, who loved few things more than traveling to the African continent to explore the vast plains of the Serengeti, where lions, elephants, rhinos, and many more creatures lurk in the tall grasses. Book a 2-day, 3-day, or 4-day safari tour from Nairobi, Kenya, which will safely and comfortably carry you around what can often be a harsh environment, providing you with the adventure of a lifetime as you get to see leopards and zebras in their natural habitat. Make sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, and other appropriate attire to protect yourself from the hot African sun.















Don’t see the vacation that you’re looking for? These are only a select few of the tours we offer, so there is no shortage of possibilities for you to choose from. Visit and see for yourself!