Missing Harry Already? Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter this Summer!

Hogwarts Castle at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter {link url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/popculturegeek/5013698243/}(Photo courtesy of popculturegeek){/link}

With the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 last week, Potterphiles the world over thrilled to the last epic battle between Harry and Voldemort, but also heaved a collective, bittersweet sigh at the end of an era. Really, what’s a fan to do now? There has to be more to life than waiting for the release of the complete DVD collection, or writing desperate letters to J.K. Rowling, pleading with her to produce more books.

The staff here at TakeTours has the answer: it’s time to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and experience the magical world of Hogwarts for yourself!

A Harry Potter fan enjoys butterbeer
Butterbeer is delicious! {link url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/tjung/5833652924/}(Photo courtesy of Thomas_Jung){/link}

Located in the Islands of Adventure Park at Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, Florida, this themed adventure will give you an actual taste of what it feels like to be “The Boy Who Lived.” You’ll feel the magic as soon as you take your first steps onto the fabulous grounds! Once there, your best place to begin is at the Forbidden Journey of Harry Potter, where you’ll board an “enchanted bench” that will take you on a flight through the Hogwarts experience, from the Gryffindor common room, the classroom of Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Dumbledore’s Office to a Quidditch match, an encounter with giant spiders in the Forbidden Forest and a brush with the Whomping Willow and dreaded Dementors. Next, the whole family–even the youngest wizards–can receive training from Hagrid as they coast along through the Hogwarts landscape in the Flight of the Hippogriff. And if you feel brave enough, test your adrenaline on the incredible dueling roller coaster ride, the Dragon Challenge, in which you can choose either the Hungarian Horn Tail or the Chinese Fireball from the Triwizard Tournament. You won’t want to close your eyes for even a second as you speed along these overlapping and intertwined tracks, which will even spin you upside down!

Experience the best that Hogsmeade has to offer at shops such as Ollivander’s, where you can watch magic wands choose their owners (one of them could even choose you!) and purchase a replica of your favorite wizard’s wand. In Dervish & Banges you will find all sorts of magical instruments, wizarding tools and a complete collection of Quidditch equipment and uniforms. Tempt your sweet tooth at Honeydukes, with its stunning variety of candy, from Chocolate Frogs and Fizzing Whizzbees to Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. And when you want to relax and recharge your batteries, stop by the Three Broomsticks Tavern to enjoy the best in traditional muggle meals and drinks, as well as wizard fare such as cauldron cakes, pumpkin juice and lip-smacking butterbeers, which you can buy in keepsake souvenir mugs.

So don’t wait for wizarding withdrawal to overtake you. Cap off your summer with unforgettable adventures at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and bring your family and friends! TakeTours offers multiple Orlando tour and vacation packages to suit your budget and timeframe. Simply choose the number of days and the park combination you like the most (don’t forget to select Universal’s Islands of Adventure, which is the home of the Harry Potter experience!) and let our vendors do the rest. Packages include hotel accommodations, convenient airport pick up, entrance to the parks of your choice, and free shuttle buses to the parks from your hotel.

Really, the only thing that could make your travel experience easier is a magic wand!