I Left My Heart in San Francisco (But Not My Luggage!)

Having fun in Yosemite

Now that Memorial Day has passed, summer is basically here, and with school out of session for college students (and almost out of session for everyone else), it always makes the perfect season for a fun-filled family vacation. Since there’s a good chance you’ll have the kids along for the ride, it’s probably best to pick a destination that has both an endless amount of entertainment for youngsters, as well as plenty of opportunities for parents to unwind. You’re in luck, because TakeTours is excited to announce a host of new tours that all center on magnificent San Francisco!

These new products make sure to set aside a trip to the picturesque Napa Valley region, famous around the world for the delicious wines that are produced there. Booking this 1-Day Wine Lovers Country Tour is the perfect day trip for couples of any age (assuming that they are over 21!) to see such a romantic region of lush, green fields set within a calm valley and taste some of fine wines that make the region famous. Of course, if you’ve got kids, they aren’t going to be able to enjoy a wine tasting. To make sure that you get the best of both worlds, book this 1-Day Wine Country and Redwoods Escape Tour, and you’ll get the added bonus of a visit to the Muir Woods National Monument, a forest that, at first glance, appears to be full of magical creatures. In reality, the inhabitants of these woods are mighty California redwoods, which are sure to make every visitor to this area feel tiny by comparison.

Wine Country and Redwoods Escape Tour

Wine Country with Wine Glasses

Are you looking for an even more intense experience with nature? One of the best national parks in the world is located within a day’s trip to San Francisco, and if you book this 1-Day Yosemite and Giant Sequoias Tour, you will be treated to the sight of magnificent geological formations like the Half Dome, El Capitan, and the Bridal Veil Falls.

Yosemite National Park

Giant Sequoia

For those looking for a more urban experience, we cannot recommend any more highly booking this 1-Day San Francisco City Insiders with Alcatraz Tour, which mixes a general sightseeing tour of the city with a cruise to the island of Alcatraz, where you will find what remains of the legendary prison (if your children aren’t behaving, you can threaten to have them locked up, like legendary mobster Al Capone). Then, as you drive around San Francisco, you will see the most popular landmarks in this beautiful city on the Pacific coast. The Golden Gate Bridge, a marvel of modern engineering, rises high above the channel connecting San Francisco Bay to the ocean, an orange beacon that welcomes all the boats to the city. Though you may not recognize Lombard Street by its name alone, there is a very good chance you have seen images of this narrow road that winds downhill. Then, at Fisherman’s Wharf, you will get to immerse yourself in the most bustling commercial area in the area, where you’ll be able to find countless stores to buy souvenirs for your friends back home and grab some of the best seafood you’ll ever eat.

If you find that several of these tours meet your interests, you can book for a longer stay with this 2-Day Wine Country and Redwoods Escape with Alcatraz Tour or this 2-Day Yosemite and Sequoia with Alcatraz Tour.

View from Twin Peaks

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


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