Halloween Thrills and Chills

Halloween Thrills and Chills – Trick or Treat

Halloween Thrills & Chills
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Are you prepared to be scared? Fall is in full swing, and, as always, we at TakeTours.com are gearing up for Halloween Thrills and Chills, the holiday where we dress up as scary ghosts, spooky monsters, or even a favorite character from a popular TV show; the rules aren’t strict. Remember when you were a kid and you would go door to door getting free candy and showing off your costume? Halloween can still be that fun as an adult. There are plenty of places across the United States that are reportedly haunted by restless spirits from beyond the grave. Check out the most popular Halloween tours perfect for this season.

Salem, American ghost story

Salem, Massachusetts, is the birthplace of the American ghost story. In the late 1600s, the strange behavior of some of the town’s residents led to several people, mostly women, getting accused of being witches. Today, we know that these charges were untrue and based on false beliefs, but at the time, the fear was very real and cost innocent people their lives. While modern Salem is a lovely seaside town on the north shore of Boston, it takes on a very creepy atmosphere on a fall night. It also becomes a very popular tourist destination as Halloween approaches. Everybody wants to feel the eerie colonial atmosphere of downtown Salem, and there is no better place to experience it than at the Salem Witch Museum, which features exhibits that explain what life in the town was like during the height of the fear. Various stages with wax replicas depict different scenes from the witch trials and even the executions of some of the supposed witches. From the museum, you can go on walking tours of downtown Salem that take you to all the historic spots around town, The museum also has exhibits that show what witchcraft is like today (yes, it’s still around!). Even if you don’t visit the museum, it’s still worth it to explore downtown Salem on your own on a cool night in the fall. Maybe you’ll get inspired to take up witchcraft on your own!

Halloween Thrills and Chills
Salem, Massachusetts

Savannah, City with a dark side

What is it about colonial American cities and ghosts? Savannah, Georgia, was one of the most important ports back in the 18th century, but it has its dark side, too. There are several reportedly haunted locations in town. Haunted tours are one of the city’s most popular tourist activities, during which an expert guide will lead you around the downtown are to some of the most haunted places in town. Not all these locations seem scary at first, but spend a few minutes lingering outside on a chilly autumn evening and you might feel the presence of a visitor from beyond the grave! At the Colonial Park Cemetery, they say you can hear the whispering spirits of the people who were buried there. At 17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant, you may hear the ghost of an old slave cook banging pots in the kitchen, or find some small change left by a dead servant boy, or even, Anna, the most famous ghost in the city, who waits in room 204 for her lover, a sailor, to return from sea. Then, there’s the Moon River Brewing Company, often considered the most haunted spot in the city, guests have reported lights flickering on and off by themselves, feeling like they are being touched when nothing is there, and the sound of footsteps in empty hallways. Why not take a trip down South to explore this colonial ghost town?

Halloween Thrills and Chills
Savannah, Georgia

Six Flags Fright Fest

Looking for thrills of all kinds? Every year, Six Flags, one of the country’s most popular amusement parks, puts on Fright Fest, their Halloween celebration. Every Six Flags location around the country does something to commemorate this occasion, and the Great Adventure Park in Jackson, New Jersey is no exception. In addition to all the breathtaking roller coasters for which Six Flags is famous, the park sets up a variety of specially themed, limited time attractions meant to frighten and excite visitors of all ages. There’s the Big Top Terror, a “Forgotten Carnival” in 3D; the Demon District, formerly a bustling entertainment area that has since become a bone-chilling ghost town; the Asylum, where visitors can walk through the halls of a mental institution where the state’s most insane patients were housed; and the Bloody Fountain, where you will walk among colonial zombies who have a raging hunger for your brains! These are just a few of the many limited-time thrills they have set up in Six Flags. Don’t miss your chance to see them all in time for Halloween! Though many of the attractions here will terrify visitors, everything is a simulation, and the monsters you’ll see are just actors. However, it’s hard to remember that when they’re scaring your pants off. Yikes!

Halloween Thrills and Chills

Though we’ve singled out a few locations for you, we’re sure that you’ll be able to find a frightening ghost story anywhere you want to go. Book your travel plans on TakeTours.com, where you’ll be able to satisfy all of your travel booking needs in one convenient location. We’d say that you can “rest easy,” but who could possibly sleep after reading about all those ghosts? Happy trick-or-treating!