Fall Foliage in New England: See the Northeast at Its Most Colorful

Have you experienced the fall in New England? Now you can! See the most colorful foliage in the Northeast

Fall Foliage in New England: See the Northeast at Its Most Colorful
Fall Foliage Leaves

Fall is the best time of the year for the senses. From the smells of cinnamon and pumpkin to the wonderful flavors of pies and sweet potatoes, there is a special comfort in the return of the autumnal season. For those of you who live in New England, fall brings an extra treat: the sight of the trees shedding their leaves in a vibrant explosion of color. The Northeast region of the country displays its most colorful fall foliage in New England.

Fall Foliage in New England: See the Northeast at Its Most Colorful
Maple Leaves spectacular color show

Now is your chance to experience the American Northeast at its most flavorful, delightful, and beautiful. Fall foliage tours take travelers into the heart of New England during its peak to taste and see the essence of New England. These trips visit some of our favorite places– such as Acadia National Park, White Mountain, and Cape Cod– at their peak. Ranging from one to three days in duration, they are geared toward those looking for a special weekend getaway at a great price.

In addition, to stop offs at coastal hamlets and waterfront national parks, many foliage tours also stop at local farms and orchards. Here, guests can make their way through rows of apples, pears, pumpkins, and more; these tours allow you to take a wonderfully delicious piece of the fall season home with you.

So what are you waiting for? October is the height of the season and these tours are limited-time-only. Come visit us at this spectacular time of year for an equally spectacular price. Fall foliage trips from New York start at $55, and fall foliage sightseeing from Boston starts at $55.

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