Ice, Ice, Baby: Endless Fun at the Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Winter Carnival

Close your eyes and imagine a winter wonderland similar to that in the acclaimed Disney movie Frozen, where snow covers the ground, entire buildings are made of ice, and a magical snowman befriends you. Now, open your eyes, head to, and book a tour that will take you to the Quebec Winter Carnival, a wondrous annual event in Quebec City that celebrates the pristine beauty of the Canadian winter.

At the Carnival, there will be no end to the activities and events in which you can participate, including ice skating, snow golf, a pancake breakfast, a canoe race, and more. There are various tournaments and competitions you can watch, like the International Ice Sculpture Tournament. Artists from all over the world travel to Quebec City each year to put their sculpting skills to the test, and spectators are rewarded by getting to see these skilled craftsmen carve marvelous figures from blocks of ice. Another great event is the Battle of Dukes, the world’s largest annual snowball fight, which averages 6,000 participants a year, making for a storm of snowballs that is as chaotically thrilling as it is endearingly fun. You will also get to meet Bonhomme Carnaval, the mascot and magical, 7-foot tall snowman of the festival. Each year, he arrives ready for the Carnival and is given the key to the city. He is capable of popping up anywhere and anytime, so be ready to dance with this lovable friend. You can read about his history and get a complete profile on the Winter Carnival’s website, as well as a full schedule of programs.

A winter voyage to Quebec City would not be complete without a visit to the legendary Ice Hotel, known in local French-Canadian as Hotel de Glace. As its name suggests, the building is a marvelous architectural feat, made entirely out of blocks of ice! It is reconstructed each year using a different theme; this year will feature exhibits related to Space-Time, which will combine snapshots of the past with visions of the future. In the words of Pierre l’Heureux, the hotel’s artistic director, “With representations of the ancient past or of a possible future, the Hotel de Glace invites visitors to explore facets of reality as they travel through time. Along the way, fascinating ‘time bubbles’ – from the Big Bang to space travel – are featured throughout the hotel.” Take a virtual tour of the hotel on its website and see why you should not hesitate to visit this unbelievable location.

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Hotel de Glace - Quebec Ice Hotel