Tightrope walk over the Grand Canyon!

Nik Wallenda has no fear…. and he really likes American sightseeing.

Nik “King of the High Wire” Wallenda will be attempting another nationally broadcast stunt this year at another one of America’s most famous attractions. After conquering Niagara Falls with a never before attempted tightrope walk, the daredevil with attempt the same feat over the Grand Canyon.

“The stakes don’t get much higher than this,” said Wallenda. “The only thing that stands between me and the bottom of the canyon is a two-inch thick wire. I’m looking forward to showing the audience a view of the canyon they’ve never seen before.”

Wallenda’s Niagara Falls walk was the first of it’s kind. The treacherous falls surging 200 feet beneath him did not deter him as he walked delicately to safety with only . The Grand Canyon is a very different place, and could provide very different challenges. This time, suspended over 1,500 feet about the Colorado River. To make things even more challenging and risky (if it wasn’t risky enough for you), Mr. Wallenda will be crossing the Grand Canyon without the aid of a safety harness! Wallenda had planned on not using a harness for his Niagara Falls walk, but was forced into wearing one at the last moment. You can catch Nik’s death-defying stunt on June 23rd.

More freedom and less crowds at the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon sees the height of its tourist season in the Spring – Summer months. The hot weather attracts travels from all over the world to the National Park… making for busy sightseeing locations with large groups of tourists. February and March would be great times to travel to the Grand Canyon solely to see the wintery version of this amazing destination. As an added bonus, less congestion at popular vistas makes the experience so much more enjoyable!

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Rainbow and tourist boat at Niagara Falls

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