Make Presidents’ Day One To Remember!

Make Presidents’ Day One To Remember: Book a Special Tour Today

Make Presidents' Day One To Remember!
George Washington Monument – Photo Credit: Thomas James Caldwell

Happy Birthday President George Washington! In remembrance of the great leaders like George Washington and other presidents who helped shape the United States, we celebrate this holiday as one nation. Looking back at how far this country has come, the men and women that made it all possible are held in the highest regard. As a federal holiday, President’s Day is a great time to revisit the storied past of the United States. As part of the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act”, we have a 3-day weekend!

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Hail to the Chief – Happy President’s Day!

Mount Rushmore

Long weekends don’t come around often enough. That’s why you have to make the most of them when they do. Sure, it can be nice to sit at home on that extra day-off, but 15 years from now, what will you be more likely to remember: watching daytime TV in your pajamas, or setting off on an amazing adventure to an unforgettable location? With President’s Day Weekend right around the corner, now is the perfect time to set off on a much-needed getaway, especially if your car is buried under a mountain of snow!

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