Top 3 Reasons to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Check Out The Top 3 Reasons to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo & Join The Fiesta

Even though 5 de Mayo celebrates one of the major battles of Mexico’s early independence, it has become about celebrating Mexican-American heritage and the Mexican way of living more than anything else. We have compiled the Top 3 Reasons to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Top 3 Reasons To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo
Colorful Mexican sombreros on the wall

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Easter at the Vatican!

Is the Vatican City in your bucket list?

Easter at the Vatican!
The Vatican

Easter Sunday is celebrated in many ways around the world. Many Americans identify Easter with pastel colored eggs and a big, fluffy bunny that leaves candy for children. The history behind Easter tells a very different story, centered around the Christian religion, Easter is a feast that ends a 40 day stretch of fasting and penance. In combination with the spring-time weather, Easter at the Vatican marks a time of renewal.

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Make Presidents’ Day One To Remember!

Make Presidents’ Day One To Remember: Book a Special Tour Today

Make Presidents' Day One To Remember!
George Washington Monument – Photo Credit: Thomas James Caldwell

Happy Birthday President George Washington! In remembrance of the great leaders like George Washington and other presidents who helped shape the United States, we celebrate this holiday as one nation. Looking back at how far this country has come, the men and women that made it all possible are held in the highest regard. As a federal holiday, President’s Day is a great time to revisit the storied past of the United States. As part of the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act”, we have a 3-day weekend!

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Exciting Things To Do During The Holiday Season

Looking For Exciting Things To Do During The Holiday Season? Take Some Notes

The holiday season is upon us and a stressful part of this time of year is planning what to do or how to celebrate this special holiday with people we love and care about.
Whether you are heading home or escaping to some exotic destination, one the most challenging things is finding the right prices for transportation and hotels during the holidays. This activity could be more worrisome than buying a gift, cooking a dinner or have family visiting for few days.

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Halloween Thrills and Chills

Halloween Thrills and Chills – Trick or Treat

Halloween Thrills & Chills
Pumpkin Patch

Are you prepared to be scared? Fall is in full swing, and, as always, we at are gearing up for Halloween Thrills and Chills, the holiday where we dress up as scary ghosts, spooky monsters, or even a favorite character from a popular TV show; the rules aren’t strict. Remember when you were a kid and you would go door to door getting free candy and showing off your costume? Halloween can still be that fun as an adult. There are plenty of places across the United States that are reportedly haunted by restless spirits from beyond the grave. Check out the most popular Halloween tours perfect for this season. Continue reading “Halloween Thrills and Chills”