4th of July Vacation Ideas on a Budget

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4th of July Vacation Ideas on a Budget

On July 4th, the United States will celebrate Independence Day, celebrating the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. All over the country, people will be celebrating by going to barbecues where they’ll grill meat, drink beer, and play lawn games. Since Independence Day falls on a Tuesday this year, it also provides the perfect opportunity for a perfect weekend getaway. But where should you go?

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Take a Vacation This 4th of July!

4th of July

It’s time to salute that Grand Old Flag, light up the grill, and put on your bathing suit, because we are starting to get into the full swing of summer! And this year, it’s not just the weather that’s heating up. Cities all around the country are getting ready for the 4th of July, the big summertime holiday. At TakeTours.com, one of the web’s leading marketplaces for booking travel, you can find a bunch of exciting vacation packages to destinations across the country waiting just for you. There are so many options that we guarantee you will be able to find the tour that is perfect for you and your family or friends. Take a look at all the special offers on our 4th of July Deals Page. Many of these tours are available at a special Buy-2-Get-3rd-Free deal, meaning you should call two friends right now to plan an awesome weekend getaway!

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4th of July Budget Travel Ideas

4th of July








The Fourth of July might just be the most popular getaway day of the year in the United States. But after years of barbecues and ill-advised homemade fireworks, many people are aching for something new. If you’re looking to spice up the US’ birthday, why not get to know the country a little better?

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Home of the Brave and Land of the Free! 4th of July Tours!

Have you ever experienced the 4th of July festivities in other parts of the country? The 4th of July weekend is the perfect time to experience ‘America the Beautiful’ and explore the beauty that is the Grand Canyon or get first hand history lesson visiting the East Coast where it all began.

The 4th of July, also known as “Independence Day” celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence that marked the founding of the United States of America as a country all its own. 4th of July celebrations are uniquely experienced all across the United States of America, and known for their patriotic parades, carnivals and yummy barbeques. Not to mention the firework displays, that are out of this world to watch!

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4th of July fun for all!

The National holiday that celebrates America’s independence is also enjoyed as the unofficial start of the Summer season (tomorrow, June 20th, is the real first day of Summer). The 4th of July brings the best elements of Summer together will an All-American celebration. Fireworks and parades fill small towns and large cities alike with sounds of joy and relaxation.

There is no better way to experience the 4th of July than seeing most famous, historic, and notable sights that America has to offer. Featuring departures from New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco – We have deals from sea to shining sea! Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and much more. See our 4th of July Tours and Vacations here!