Top Places to See in the Hawaiian Islands

Day dreaming about the Hawaiian Islands? Don’t blame you, with so many top places to see and enjoy!

Top Places to See in the Hawaiian Islands
Tourists taking photo of flowing lava from Kilauea volcano around Hawaii volcanoes national park, USA.

Aloha! The magnificent islands of Hawaii have dazzled visitors for hundreds of years. The first Polynesian sailors who settled there found the perfect location to start their community. Are you planning your perfect Hawaiian paradise vacation? With several islands to choose from, the question of where to go and what to do can be daunting. Keep reading for a list of highlights and top places to see from each of the Hawaiian islands.

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Delicious Reasons You Should Book a Trip to Hawaii!

Feeling hungry? Don’t be..because we have delicious reasons you should book a trip to Hawaii!

Delicious Reasons You Should Book a Trip to Hawaii!
Waiola Shave Ice

Though Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, volcanoes, weather, and scenery, it’s also known for its wonderful authentic island-style cuisine. This is by no means a complete list – and everyone you ask, will give a different opinion – here are some delicious reasons you should book a trip to Hawaii, yummy suggestions on what types of foods to eat – and where to get them in paradise!

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The Amazing World of Corn!

The Amazing World of Corn! – Favorite Activity in the U.S ?

 a-maze-ing corn
The Amazing World of Corn

The Amazing World of Corn is in the full swing of the fall season. Though it’s getting a little chillier all over North America, there is still time to get outside and appreciate this dynamic season. There are still plenty of leaves in the process of changing colors, and it’s high-season for pumpkins. But one of the fall’s best activities is the classic corn maze. With hundreds located around the US and Canada, there is sure to be one near you. They’re a great way to spend an afternoon with your family. With such a large variety of mazes, they can range from simple and quick to difficult and time-consuming. And since corn grows back every year, the layouts of these mazes can change annually, many mazes pride themselves on picking a unique theme. Below, we’ve included some of our favorites from around the country.

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New Tours in Hawaii, Yellowstone, and Africa!

Vacations are meant to be times of relaxation and adventure, as unforgettable as they are re-energizing. Yet, finding the perfect getaway can often be an excruciating ordeal on its own, and, on top of this, the vacation can end up falling short of expectations. With new tours to exotic locations added regularly, the ideal vacation is waiting for you at

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Say Aloha! to Hawaii on Your Next Vacation

Statue in Kona Village, Hawaii
Wooden Statue in Kona Village, Hawaii {link url=}(photo courtesy of tinyfroglet){/link}

It can be easy to think of Hawaii as simply a pretty vacation spot, with white sand beaches, clear blue water, a few volcanoes, and a little hula dancing for the tourists. But beneath its gorgeous exterior, the state of Hawaii has a rich and multilayered culture, with Polynesian, Asian, and European influences and the highest “minority” population of any state in the US (it’s actually a minority-majority!)

So what unifies such a diverse citizenry? It can be summed up in one word: “aloha.” Known in English as a term that means both “hello” and “goodbye,” aloha, in Hawaiian, is much more than a simple greeting; it is a way of life. It refers to a spirit of love and compassion, giving and generosity that defines this friendly, easy-going, gift-giving culture. In a place where all dinners, parties, and luaus are potlucks, where returning with special gifts for friends and family after traveling is customary, and where aromatic leis (garlands) are frequently given to honor visitors and loved ones in times of celebration, it’s no wonder that such a diverse population can knit together. Aloha even pervades the roads – you won’t find any aggressive drivers blaring their horns here! In fact, there is even a law declaring that all citizens abide by the gentle spirit of the ancient Hawaiians.

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