Celebrate Summer with an East Coast Tour

East Coast Tour: Where To Go And What To Do This Summer Season

Celebrate Summer with an East Coast Tour
Niagara Falls Aerial View, Canadian Horseshoe Falls from the top, Ontario, Canada

Most of us agree that the summer season is one of the best times to travel. Mother Nature has finally decided to grace us with beautiful summer weather; you don’t want to miss the opportunity to travel this season. Are you still deciding where to go this summer? You may want to consider traveling on the East Coast, which contains some of the most historically significant cities in America, not to mention some of the top destinations to go on a vacation. We are here to bring you our top recommendations!

Celebrate Summer with an East Coast Tour
Onboard of Maid of the Mist

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Vermont: The State of Bear, Beer, Maple Syrup, and Chocolate

Planning a road-trip? Vermont, the state of bear, beer, maple syrup, and chocolate may be the perfect destination for you

Google Map of Vermont
Google Map

If you are also planning your autumn trip in New England and can’t wait for the fall foliage to completely change leaf colors down in Boston, Vermont would be your dream place to visit.

Checklist before your trip to Vermont:

  • Vehicle with a big empty trunk. It’s almost impossible to do any sightseeing in Vermont without a car, and it’s also impossible not to buy a few packs of beers in Vermont.
  • Jacket
  • Trust me; your phone carrier would not work most of the time even in 2018.
  • Airbnb or a place to stay
  • Exciting mood

What to know about Vermont before your trip:

  • Vermont is famous for its local breweries, maple syrup, farms and chocolate, teddy bear factory, covered bridges, and beautiful trees
  • Weather can turn really cold during the night and early morning
  • People are extremely nice and warm

Here’s the trip we took during Mid-September, 2018 with a three day weekend getaway.Hope it might help you plan your next trip.

Day 1: Home >Stowe, Vermont> Hill Farmstead Brewery >The Alchemist Brewery > Prohibition Pig

Make sure you slept well the day before as you will have a 3.5 hr drive from Boston to Stowe. We left Boston at 8 am and arrived at our first stop, Moss Glen Falls, around noon. Moss Glen Falls (Stowe) can be reached thanks to a short but very nice hiking trail. (Suggested duration: 30 mins – 1 hour).

Later, we headed to Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro Bend, which has been named the best brewery in the world for 4 straight years according to RateBeer. If you are a dark beer drinker like me, you will definitely enjoy their Shirley Mae a lot; if you like pale ales, Abner would be a great choice; and even if you are not so much a beer fan, there’s an awesome pizza van right outside of Hill Farmstead Brewery. Try the chicken pesto pizza!

The Alchemist Brewery is another must-visit brewery in Vermont. You can sample a few of their tasty brews on draft, and take a look at their amazing facilities. Do not miss the all-time popular Heady Topper, which been rated the best IPA in the world.Prepare to bring your friends with you, as each customer is only allowed to purchase a limited number of four-packs.

Before you end your day, drive back to Stowe and have a fine dinner at Prohibition Pig, an amazing restaurant and microbrewery.

Moss Glen Falls
Moss Glen Falls
Hill Farmstead Brewery
Hill Farmstead Brewery
The Alchemist Brewery
The Alchemist Brewery

Day 2 (in Burlington): Vermont Teddy Bear Factory > Lake Champlain > Foam Brewers Brewery > Zero Gravity Brewery > Burlington Beer Company > Hen of the Wood

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory is one of the largest teddy bear factories. Its teddy bears are so cute and fluffy you might have a heart attack once you enter!You can sign up for a tour ($4 for adult),and build your own bear for the same price of an in-store teddy bear. During the tour, you will learn how and where bears are born, and see the entire bear-making process while cuddling buttercream or honey bears. Moreover, you will also visit the bear hospital, where the injured bears will sit in a hospital bed, wear a patient gown and have maple syrup IVs to help them recover faster. Once again, the place is so adorable that it will melt your heart. (Suggested duration: 2 hours).

Lake Champlain is very close to the Burlington City center area. We had our lunch in Church Street and walked around Waterfront Park. There are various ferries available on Lake Champlain, but remember to check the ferry schedule, since there are limited seats. Foam Brewers Brewery and Zero Gravity Brewery (or Queen City Brewery just across the road) are also located in the area, within walking distance. Indeed, you can take a romantic walk on the Waterfront Park from Foam Brewers, that will allow you to reach Zero Gravity Brewery in about half an hour.

If you are also planning to have a romantic dinner, head to the astounding Hen of the Wood, one of the best restaurants in the world! Remember to reserve at least a couple of weeks in advance, if you want to find a table.

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory
Vermont Teddy Bear Factory
Waterfront Park
Waterfront Park

Day 3: Bragg Farm Sugar House >Quechee Gorge > Woodstock > Billings Farm & Museum > Home

We decided to take it slow on our last day and adding more sightseeing/nature attractions. We started with a sugar-high morning by visiting Bragg Farm Sugar House. Maple syrup is one of the signature products in Vermont. Take a free tour to learn the history of Vermont Maple syrup with endless maple syrup tasting.

Visiting Vermont covered bridges is also a must-do-activity in Vermont. We picked Taftsville Covered Bridge, Lincoln Covered Bridge, and Middle Covered Bridge in Woodstock, as they some of the oldest and prettiest ones in the state. We also visited Quechee Gorge, Vermont’s Grand Canyon, during our bridge hunt. Quechee Gorge is the deepest gorge in Vermont; you can take a nice picture on both sides of the gorge, by walking on the Route 4 Bridge.

If you are an animal lover, don’t miss a tour of Billings Farm & Museum before you end your trip. You will be able to pet farm animals such as pigs, jersey cows, horses, sheep, and chickens. Stick around for the 3 pm milking demonstration, and ask the knowledgeable and gracious stuff if you want to learn more about how the milking process works, and the farm daily routine.

Quechee Gorge
Quechee Gorge
Middle Covered Bridge
Middle Covered Bridge
Billings Farm & Museum
Billings Farm & Museum

Visit the following for more information regarding tours in New England https://www.taketours.com/east-coast-tours/

Explore Boston Riding the MBTA – Travel Guide You Need This Fall

Where To Go & What To Do This Fall? The Ultimate Travel Guide in  Boston

Old State House Museum
BOSTON – APRIL 4: Old State House April 4, 2012 in Boston, MA. Built in 1713, it is the oldest surviving public building in Boston and now serves as a history museum.

Fall is right here! September and October might be my favorite months in Boston. We can enjoy the sunshine and breeze but not get turned off by the freezing cold winter yet. This is the best season to explore the Boston area.  As one of the most famous cities in the New England area, probably you know Boston because of the top tier colleges in town – Harvard, MIT, Boston University… Probably you know Boston because it is “the birthplace of the American history”. But lift up the hood of the heart of New England, you will find out that, Boston, this modern but historical,  small but vibrant city has so much more to offer.

Boston, we usually refer it to the greater Boston area, which is the metropolitan region of New England. The city of Boston itself is surrounded by many of the towns and cities such as Cambridge, Somerville and they all have their own unique styles and neighborhoods. Thanks to public transportation in Boston, it is so easy to commute by MBTA and explore the Boston area. Before it is too cold to go out in Boston, take the time to enjoy and explore the city this Fall! I’ve organized this useful list to guide you to travel to Boston and find all the fun things to do, good food to eat and places to visit.

Somerville (MBTA: Red line/Orange line)

City of Somerville
City of Somerville

Somerville is a new hip town near Boston. Only about 20 minutes from downtown Boston, Red line to Davis Square or Orange line to Sullivan Square, Somerville will show you the creativity and diversity in this distinct neighborhood.

What to do:

  • Brewery Hopping

The Boston area is perfect for brewery hopping –  the craft beer breweries are in walking distance, you can visit a bunch of the best breweries in this neighborhood.

Bantam Brewery in Somerville
Cider and more cider!

This is my new favorite cider brewery in town. Bantam’s cider is sure one of the kind. There are always 4 regular ciders on draft and 4 others are in the rotation. Rojo and Ginger Beer are absolutely the go to if you like juicy ciders. Be careful of the 8.5% Mighty Mammoth. Even though it tastes like champagne, believe me, it will kick in. Fall is the apple season, don’t miss out the apple ciders this Fall!

Bantam Brewery

Aeronaut Brew is probably the hippest brewery in town. There’s never a time I go there and it isn’t crowded.  Hidden in the buildings in Somerville you will be surprised how many young professionals live around and come here for a cold one.

There are so many other breweries worth going in the Somerville area – Slumbrew, Remnant Brewing.

What to eat:

  • Ebi Sushi

Located in East Somerville, Ebi Sushi is just 3 minutes away from the breweries I just mentioned. When you are hungry after the brewery hopping, you can enjoy the extraordinary sushi and Japanese cuisine at Ebi Sushi.

Must try: chef’s choice nigiri

How to go there: Orange line – Sullivan Square – 86 bus

If you ride on the red line and go to Davis Square, there are a bunch of cool places you could go as well. Try the southern cuisine at Rosebud, which is one of the oldest diners in the Boston area, or have a taste of the Thai street food at Dakzen. Foods in Somerville can surely satisfy your palate.

Cambridge (MBTA: Red Line)

City of Cambridge
View of Cambridge from Charles River

Cambridge is just a few stops away from downtown Boston and is a famous college town near the city of Boston. That is only one of the million reasons why millennials and all the young professionals like to live and hang out in Cambridge.

What to do:

  • Harvard University Walking Tour

I believe everyone knows Harvard University well enough that I don’t need to write another paragraph to explain why it is the most famous university in Boston or in the US.  So where’s the beef?

If you want to explore Harvard, you could take a narrated tour guided by the Harvard students or just follow the freedom trail and make it your way.

1 Day Boston Freedom Trail Sightseeing Tour

  • MIT

Ride on the Red line to Kendall/MIT, you can go visit another famous university – MIT. The Infinite Corridor and the MIT Museum are two buildings in my “must see” list.

  • Charles River Kayaking

Another thing you must try is to kayak on Charles River in the Fall. I love the breeze and sun in September. You can’t believe how peaceful it is!

Location: 350 Kendall Street, Cambridge

Here comes the most exciting thing happens in the Fall in Cambridge – HONK Fest! It is a festival of street bands from the Boston area and also some other musicians and band from over the world. Every year, they parade from Davis Square to Harvard Square. There are also beer gardens, and food stands, music and dancing in Harvard Square.

What to eat/drink:

When you visit Boston, how can you not go to an Irish pub? Here are a few oldest Irish Pub and famous music venues you should pay a visit!

  • Plough & Stars

This corner pub lies in the central square has been around since 1969.

It has hosted luminaries such as Seamus Heaney, Bonnie Raitt, and Phillip Roth. These days, on any given night, you can enjoy a casual, comfortable night to take in live music and a few beers. Trivia every Tuesday as well!

  • Cantab Lounge

Even though it looks like a little old pub from the outside, Cantab is one of the best music venues and dive bars in Boston. It won the best dive bar award by Boston Magazine in 2015.

Downtown Boston (Red/Orange/Green/Blue Line)

Boston, Massachusetts
Map of the city of Boston

Finally, welcome to Beantown! I am sure you already heard of Quincy Market, Old State House, Boston Common, etc, etc. Here are some of my favorite places to go if besides all those cliches you have heard of.

What to do:

  • Shows in Boston – Theater District

My go-to area is the theater district near Downtown Crossing (Red Line/Orange Line). Theatre District has one of the oldest theatres in Boston – Colonial Theatre. There are Emerson College’s ornate Cutler Majestic Theatre and the historic Boston Opera House. Comedy and music acts perform at the Wilbur. Either to buy a ticket to enjoy a musical or just walk around the district and appreciate the beautiful theatres, the Theatre District in Boston will never fail you.  If you are traveling to Boston this Fall, don’t miss the Hamilton musical, it is touring in Boston in October till mid-November.

  • New England Aquarium, Whale watching

Ride on the Blue line to Aquarium, you can go to the New England Aquarium. This is a perfect place for families. Kids would love to see the cute penguins, seals and so many more. After a fun time at the aquarium, don’t forget to take a walk by the harbor or join the Whale Watch Tour or sunset cruise.

  • Nightlife

If you want to feel the young spirit, energy, and the wildness, stay in downtown Boston until 2 am.  Indulge yourself with the best nightclubs and dive bars in Downtown Boston.  Hong Kong Boston is my recommendation for you if you like Karaoke. Even the snacks here is incredible: sometimes I would just come here in the middle of the night for the chicken skewers. Good Life is another bar that offers the best R&B music in town! Hey, you think that’s the end?  I bet you will need some carbs to soak up the alcohol. After the craziness in the clubs, I usually go to South Street Diner, which is a 24-hour diner near Chinatown.






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Put a Spring in Your Step at DC’s National Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossoms Are The Stars of Springtime in Washington DC!

Put a Spring in Your Step at DC's National Cherry Blossom Festival
Boats on the Tidal Basin

Each year, Washington, D.C. hosts the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which commemorates the anniversary of a 1912 gift from the mayor of Japan, who sent thousands of Japanese cherry trees to the American capital. In March, these trees begin to bloom, creating a vibrant display of bright pink and white flowers along the banks of the Potomac River and throughout the city. This year, the festival will take place from March 17 to April 15 while peak blossom time is expected to be April 8 through April 12.

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