Masks, Parades, and Dance: Crazy Carnival Around the World

Carnival - Venice, Italy

Carnivale is a famous festival held all around the world in the days leading up to the start of Lent. The celebrations often involve parades, feasts, public street parties, and many other heart-racing activities. Held in countries all around the world – especially those with large Christian communities – the specific events and dates will vary from place to place, but the spirit of Carnivale endures no matter where it is.

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New Tours to Mediterranean Paradises

Barcelona, Spain


Picture yourself lounging on the shores of a Mediterranean beach, meandering through the narrow winding streets of medieval cities, or casually sipping the finest wine on a beautiful vineyard in the hilly countryside. Now, stop daydreaming about it and head to, where you can find new tours in both Spain and Italy, icons of Mediterranean culture and history. Similarities between the two nations abound: sprawling, urban centers filled with historic medieval and Renaissance buildings, separated by vast stretches of small farms, rolling hillsides, and small-yet-steep mountains; a history of empires and militaries who, at their respective height, were the most revered nations in the world; longstanding religious histories like Italy’s relationship with the papacy and Spain’s Christian and Muslim conflicts. You will see rich collections of art, impeccably-designed churches, and so much more of these romantic countries on these new tours. Viva Espana or Italia: the choice is yours!

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The world comes together in London for the 2012 Olympics!

This year, you have the opportunity to experience London like never before. From July 27th to August 12th, the world’s best athletes will be in London to represent their countries at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

London Sightseeing has a large selection of tours from London that cover the most in-demand attractions that the UK has to offer. Explore museums full of art and history, take a romantic dinner cruise, visit a variety of natural wonders, and much much more. One Day Sightseeing Tours from London give freedom to the tour go-er, where Multi-Day Tours from London create a more immersive experience.

Root for your respective country as they go for the gold this summer, and enjoy the show!

Design Your Own European Adventure!

Duomo of Florence, Italy
The Duomo of Florence, Italy {link url=}(photo courtesy of ccblaisdell){/link}

Much of what we hear about Europe in the news these days is similar to what’s going on in the U.S.: currency fluctuation, fears of economic default, political battles. And yet, take a vacation in Europe, and you’d hardly know these troubles exist. Because their cultures have survived far worse events historically than the devaluation of the Euro, most Europeans take such economic turmoil in their stride. The fountains still bubble. Bread is still baked. Wine is still made. Life goes on as it has for decades, and even centuries, in Europe’s cities, towns, and villages, and it’s easy to get lost in the sights, sounds, and flavors of each new country you visit.

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International Getaways Across Europe

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