Following the Trails of Game of Thrones

Trending Destinations in Europe

The HBO hit show Game of Thrones is about to release its 8th and final season. As known to all fans, many scenes of the show are filmed in real-world locations. Here are some of the most famous places you can put on your GOT travel bucket list!


Most of the sceneries set The Wall and north of the wall were filmed in Iceland. As a country with frozen landscape and volcanoes at the same time, this is the perfect portrayal of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Aurora on the Kirkjufell

Attractions to Visit:

  • Reynishfjara Beach: one of the most impressive black-sand beach in Iceland, featuring an amazing cliff. This is the beach at Eastwatch by the sea where the night’s watch guarded the wall
  • Kirkjufell: the amazing scenery of Arrowhead Mountain in the show, also the most photographed mountain in Iceland.
  • more places to visit in Iceland


Toledo, Spain. Alcazar and the ancient city on a hill over the Tagus River, Castilla la Mancha medieval attraction of Espana.
Toledo, Spain. Alcazar and the ancient city on a hill over the Tagus River, Castilla la Mancha medieval attraction of Espana.

Spain itself is definitely attractive enough for all tourists. It is the sunniest place in entire Europe with the best beaches. There is so much to see, to taste, and to enjoy in Spain, not to mention it is one of the main filming locations for Dorne in Game of Thrones. Even though Dorne is out of the picture for season 8 (maybe? who knows!) We still miss this vibrant land in the show.

Attractions to Visit:

  • Seville: the Real Alcazar Palace is the royal palace of Dorne in the show which has grown its fame over the past couple years. The palace has stunning gardens where Trystane Martell and Myrcella Baratheon grew feelings for each other.
  • Caceres: Caceres is a new location introduced in Season 7 of GOT. The Castle of Trujillo was the set of Casterly Rock, the residence of House Lannister, during the attack of the Unsullied.
  • more places to visit in Spain

The United Kingdom

As the inspiration of the entire series, U.K has to be one of the most prominent shooting spots on the list. Many plots in the North took place in Northern Ireland, including Winterfell (the home of the Starks), Castle Black (the base camp of the Night’s Watch), and some parts of Kings Landing (the capital and political center of the show).

Attractions to visit:

  • Castle Ward: the filming location of Winterfell, residence for the Starks in the show.
  • Dark Hedges: the filming location of Kingsroad, a pathway between Kings Landing and the North. The Dark Hedges is one of the most beautiful tree tunnels in the world.
  • more places to visit in the UK


Croatia has become the new traveler’s favorite place to go ever since the launch of the show. The small country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe has a unique and exotic culture and it was heavily featured in the show.The picturesque view and sunny weather during the summer days also make it a top destination for GOT fans.

Attractions to Visit:

  • Old Town of Dubrovnik: wandering around the street, you will find yourself emerged in the marketplace of Kings Landing. The city was the main filming location for the fictive capital in the show.
  • Mineeta Tower: The tower stands at the highest point of Dubrovnik, where tourists can overlook the orange rooftops of the entire city. This is also the House of the Undying of Oarth, where Daenerys Targaryen saw many visions and prophecy of her future.
  • more places to visit in Croatia


Easter at the Vatican!

Is the Vatican City in your bucket list?

Easter at the Vatican!
The Vatican

Easter Sunday is celebrated in many ways around the world. Many Americans identify Easter with pastel-colored eggs and a big, fluffy bunny that leaves candy for children. The history behind Easter tells a very different story, centered around the Christian religion, Easter is a feast that ends a 40 day stretch of fasting and penance. In combination with the spring-time weather, Easter at the Vatican marks a time of renewal.

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 Greece: A Trip of a Lifetime – Athens, Mykonos and Santorini

Mesmerizing Landscapes, Romantic Sunsets,  Crystal Clear Waters and Amazing Food. A trip of a lifetime to the Greek Islands

The Acropolis
The Acropolis

The Acropolis
View of The Acropolis from afar

I have always been in love with the ocean and the beautiful sunsets, specially in the Pacific coast. Growing up near the ocean one learns how to be appreciative and respectful of the seas.  I’ve heard and read many things about the history of Greece and that the islands display one of the most romantic sunsets in the world. I was invited by some dear friends to embark on a journey of nine days. I was so excited and humble to start this trip. Many people can only dream of visiting such beautiful place but I was one of the lucky ones about to experience this enchanted place.

My friends and I had in mind to visit the three most popular places in Greece: Athens, Mykonos and Santorini.  We planned the itinerary carefully in advanced, paying attention to every single detail so we wouldn’t miss a thing. We wanted to be sure our vacation was a trip of a lifetime.

Entrance to the Acropolis
Entrance to the Acropolis

Our Journey started from Newark, NY to Athens Greece in a 9 hour flight. Emirates Airlines does it best!

First Stop – Athens: The beginning of Europe, Rich in History and Temples

Temple of Zeus
Temple of Zeus

Athens is the perfect blend of antiquity and modernity, a tour around Athens transports you back 6,000 years. Blessed with a rich ancient and medieval history, the city features the Acropolis, the ancient agora as well as a few temples dedicated to gods of the past. You can also see the Temple of Olympian Zeus, is one of the most striking monuments to human vanity in the world.

Delicious Food and Rooftop Restaurants

Lucky to take a pic of Mr @idotwright

It is widely known that Greece is home to one of the most delightful cuisines in the world.  It is Characterized by ample portions of fresh seafood, sun-grown vegetables, tender meat, amazing yogurt and delicious house wine to accompany any meal. Greek cuisine deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated not only in Europe but worldwide. Depending on the area you find yourself in Greece, you can find many dining options.

Food is tasty and also very affordable. Skip the tourist traps and explore the city like a local. Ask around where to enjoy authentic food to people on the streets and they will be happy to direct you to the right place.

Second Stop – Mykonos:  Crystal Clear Water, Beautiful Architecture & Never Ending Parties

Center of town in Mykonos
Walking thru the alleys in Mykonos

After two nights in Athens, we set to depart to the island of Mykonos by ferry. It is so worth it and economical to travel by ferry. Not only do you save money, but you also get to see other beautiful islands that many times are overlooked.

Mykonos is straight out of a fairy tale book, surrounded by cycladic white houses, crystal clear waters and golden sands, so no matter what beach you choose to spend the day on, you know it’s going to look like paradise.

Sea Urchin
Delicious Sea Urchin

While you are in the center of town don’t forget to make a pit stop at one of the souvenirs shops to get a white tee with the Mykonos logo on it and if you are a foodie, dine at one of the outdoor seating restaurants near the wind mills. A picturesque photo or a selfie from this area is mandatory, and a taste of the sea urchin is highly recommended.

Jackie O'
Jackie O’

Party time is never ending in Mykonos and you can’t go wrong with beaches like Paradise and Super Paradise, where beach parties start from 4pm every day. And if you are looking for something out of the ordinary visit the memorable Jackie O’ where you can enjoy a good drag show.

Third Stop – Santorini: Romantic Destination and Best Sunset in the World

Amazing Views in Santorini
Amazing Views in Santorini

After a shot of espresso and a delicious breakfast to kill the hangover. I was on to my next stop. I was sad to say goodbye to Mykonos , but I was happy to continue with my journey to one of the most iconic places in the world. Anyone who has been there seems to come back filled with stories of this wonderful place.

The ferry ride was smooth; looking for a ride to the town of Fira wasn’t so bad. You could get a ride by van for only $10.

Beach made up of red and black in Santorini
Beach made up of red and black in Santorini

The van dropped us off at the door step of the hotels where we were staying. “Oh my,” I thought as I caught my first glimpse of our cute boutique hotel. Travelers could get amazing views from many hotels from any side of the island. I recommend booking a reservation at one of the boutique hotels on the opposite side of La Caldera. Rates are usually half than if you stayed at one of the hotels near la Caldera and not only that but these hotels also include a breakfast meant for the gods.  Nóstimo!

View of La Caldera from the road
View of La Caldera from the road

As soon as I got to my hotel, I contacted the ATV company to deliver a four wheeler to my hotel. I couldn’t wait to get on with the adventure on  this fascinating island.

From wineries, red-white and black sand beaches, amazing sunsets in Oia to nude beaches (known by locals only), Santorini has something for all.

View from the hotel window in Thira, Santorini
View from the hotel window in Thira, Santorini


I wasn’t such a big fan of the typical cliché “Love is in the air”. What does that even mean? You wouldn’t even know the meaning of these words until you travel to Santorini. Sitting by the ocean at a restaurant in Oia, enjoying a glass of wine and seeing couples proposing, or celebrating anniversaries around you, you’ll definitely know that love is in the air.

Beautiful sunset in the city of Oia
Thousands of people attend the beautiful sunset in the city of Oia

Everything was just surreal, too beautiful and so perfect that I couldn’t help but let escape a couple of tears.

I definitely made a promise to myself that I would go back to this place with that special someone that I’ve been waiting for my whole life, and who knows, maybe get married there. Until then I will just keep traveling and living a life of adventure.

Safe Travels!







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