Your Snowy Wonderland Awaits – Visit the Quebec Winter Carnival!

Quebec Winter Carnival is happening right now!

Your Snowy Wonderland Awaits - Visit the Quebec Winter Carnival!
Bed of Ice in a Hotel Room

The annual Quebec Winter Carnival will be putting on its snowshoes and heading outdoors for a special Anniversary celebration! This incredible event is the essence of all things “winter” (and possibly also all things Canadian). Here’s a rundown of all there is to see and do at Le Carnaval de Quebec!

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Ski Trip Packing Checklist

What To Pack And Not To Pack? Ski Trip Packing Checklist

Ski Trip Packing Checklist
Ski Trip in Winter

Winter clothes are much bulkier, so before traveling this winter, remember to really think about whether you really need something before packing it! At, we thought we’d help out with a bit of the anxiety and give you some friendly tips for your ski trip packing checklist you may or may not already be aware of:

  • Consider packing a duffel bag instead of a suitcase; you’ll get a little more wiggle room on storage space. If you prefer a suitcase, we would recommend bringing an empty duffel bag in your suitcase to use on the way back, if needed.
  • Remember to bring WARM clothes, such as sweaters, gloves/mittens, hats, scarves, socks (waterproof whenever possible, We recommend hiking socks!).

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Ice, Ice, Baby: Endless Fun at the Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Winter Carnival

Close your eyes and imagine a winter wonderland similar to that in the acclaimed Disney movie Frozen, where snow covers the ground, entire buildings are made of ice, and a magical snowman befriends you. Now, open your eyes, head to, and book a tour that will take you to the Quebec Winter Carnival, a wondrous annual event in Quebec City that celebrates the pristine beauty of the Canadian winter.

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Speed Down the Slopes This Winter!

Winter skiing

The northeastern United States has gotten another generous helping of snow, so why not take advantage of it? If a wintry mountain getaway is your kind of thing, TakeTours can whisk you away on a weekend trip that will make your winter! We are here to give you a selection of the best ski trips available in the area. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or if you’ve never been on a ski trip– these fun-filled romps fit adventure-seekers of every skill level.

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The Quebec Winter Carnival – Ice is nice!

A party like no-other, the Quebec Winter Carnival is an celebration of ice, snow, and all things cold! The seasonal amusement park combines the best Canadian Winter pastimes like ice sculpting, dog sledding, and snow sled slides into one fantastic event. Musical performances and parades create an amazing spectacle, the largest Winter Carnival in the world!

Quebec Winter Carnival

Have you ever visited a hotel made completely out of ice and snow? The Quebec Ice Hotel is made of 500,000 tons of ice and is a stunning feat of engineering. Built over a month and a half by 60 workers, the Ice Hotel is only standing from January through April. Book your trip today to this unique celebration before it all melts!