TakeTours.com Cyber Monday Sale – featuring tours from as low as $1!

Biggest Discount of the Year! – Join us for Cyber Monday Sale

TakeTours.com Cyber Monday Sale - featuring tours from as low as $1!
Cyber Monday at TakeTours

Cyber Monday is the biggest day for online shopping of the year. Mimicking retail stores, ecommerce has improved on the American tradition of Black Friday. No need for carrying bags or getting stuck in traffic, the best deals can be found right in the comfort of your own home. At TakeTours.com, we have the biggest discounts of the year for this special day sale (November 26th). In fact, tours are starting at just $1!

Opening at midnight on Monday November 26th, dozens of tours will be discounted to the lowest prices we’ve ever advertised! No matter where you are, or where you want to go, TakeTours has a Cyber Monday deal just for you. Shop from the comfort of your home and pick the deal that works for you and your family


Black Friday Shopping Tours!

The undisputed king of shopping days is the day after Thanksgiving. Known more popularly as “Black Friday’, the midnight following your turkey dinner marks a 24-hour shopfest all around the world. Eager shoppers line-up outside stores for first shot at the biggest discounted items. Savvy shoppers will purchase gifts for everyone on their Christmas list in order to maximize the amount they save.

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Get all of your shopping done on Black Friday

As many enjoy a turkey dinner early on Thanksgiving day, evenings can be spent napping on a full stomach. This opens up the late hours of Black Friday for a night full of shopping! Black Friday shopping is all about the savings. Stores open up in the wee hours of the night to greet a crowd of bargain hunters. Special “Doorbuster” deals are made available to the true early birds and are seen the as true prizes on Black Friday. There is reason behind the apparent chaos that is the biggest shopping weekend of the year. A tradition for many families, shopping begins with the opening of stores (many of which open as early as 4am!).

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TakeTours’ Top 10 Tips for Outlet Shopping

Shopping at Premium Outlets

by Emma Gifford

Admit it: like many consumers, you’re a sucker for a good brand name. Sometimes it’s worth paying that little bit (or maybe more than a little bit) extra for a certain logo or designer brand; especially if you’re loyal to that company’s merchandise, fit, or style. But in this kind of economy, you also want a bargain. What to do?

It’s an easy answer: visit factory outlets and outlet malls.

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