President Day Weekend: Affordable Pre-Spring Destinations


Get Inspired by the 5 Best Spring Destinations in the U.S.

President Day long weekend is right around the corner! This time of the year is perfect for a 3-day excursion to embrace nature if you are tired of the cold weather. Taketours picked out 5 best destinations for the season, get inspired and pack your bags!

Waves breaking on the rocks on a sunny day during a spectacular ocean view on the Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Honolulu, HI
February in Hawaii is part of the big wave season, various of surfing competitions are held at the North Shore of Oahu. In addition to the blue blue oceans, the weather is not bad by this time of the year as well. Plus the more affordable price compared with the winter holiday season, a trip to Honolulu satisfies all needs.
3-Day Hawaii Honolulu, Pearl Harbor Tour from Honolulu with Round Trip Airport Transfer

Yosemite National Park, CA
In the middle of February, it is time for the famous “Fire Fall” view in Yosemite National Park. When the sunlight hits the Horsetail Fall in Yosemite Valley, it would appear as if there is lava streaming down the cliff. This rare scene can be only witnessed on a couple of special dates around mid-February, so try your luck!
3-Day San Francisco, Yosemite, 17 Miles Drive and Monterey Tour from Los Angeles

Grand Canyon, AZ
Grand Canyon is worth visiting any time of the year – you will not find such wonderfulness of nature elsewhere. Fewer crowds will be gathered at the Canyon – good news for photographers. Early spring also brings the milder temperature to the national park, and visitors can witness the splendid sunset at the rocky peaks cloaked with colorful hues.
3-Day Grand Canyon South Rim, Las Vegas Tour from Los Angeles

Niagara Falls, NY
Winter in Niagara Falls is even more fascinating than the summertime. The great fall will be frozen like an ice-coated fortress, a spectacular scene you would not find anywhere else.
2-Day Niagara Falls Tour from New York/New Jersey

Everglades National Park, FL
Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wildlife conservation in the United States. The national park’s distinct location just above the Caribbean islands makes it home for thousands of hundreds of wildlife species. Winter dry season is the best time for wildlife viewing in the park – those alligators and water birds will congregate by the water, perfect for observation.
3-Day Miami, Everglades Park All Inclusive Tour from Orlando

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Sweet Escapes On Valentines’ Day

Scratching Your Head Looking For Sweet Escapes On Valentine’s Day? 

Valentine's Day Romantic Getaways
Valentine’s Day Romantic Getaways

Valentine’s Day is one week away! For those who are scratching your head to figure out a romantic getaway, here are some awesome ideas:

Valentine's Day Romantic Getaways
Happy tourists taking a self portrait with phone in front of Duomo cathedral,Milan – Couple travelling in Italy

Enjoy the Last Bit of Winter in a Ski tour

A couple days ago on Groundhog Day, our legendary Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil predicts early spring for 2019 – while the majority of us are glad, this is not necessarily good news for all the snow lovers out there! You’d better cherish the moment and take your loved ones to a ski trip while supply last.

2-Day Vermont Mount Snow Ski Tour from New York


Wine is a must: a day trip to Napa Valley

Good wine is a must for any celebrations. For those who are close to the wine country, Valentine’s Day is the perfect timing to take a trip to Napa Valley. You can visit some of the best wineries in the U.S and enjoy wine-tasting.

1-Day Napa Valley, Sonoma Wine Country, and Muir Woods Tour from San Francisco


Splurge for the Special Day

Is it possible to get a round trip to Niagara Falls from New York in a day? Yes of course! Surprise your other half with this luxurious excursion to the spectacular view by taking this airplane trip. This is probably a once in a lifetime experience.

1-Day Fly to Niagara Falls Tour from New York


Weekend at the Tropical Paradise

One of the many meanings of the word “aloha” is love – which makes Hawaii the place to go if you are looking for an expedition to a tropical island. Enjoy a couple’s spa session, followed by a romantic private dinner at the beach. Sounds like a good plan isn’t it?

3-Day Hawaii Deluxe Tour from Hilo/Honolulu (Big Island)


The Disney World Never Gets Old

Pay a visit to the Walt Disney World should always be an ace option for lovebirds – after all, what would be better than celebrating your love in a fairy tale? You can start your day from taking a romantic Carriage ride, to ending it with a kiss under the splendid firework show. Hold on to those Valentine-themed photo shoots – you will be looking at them over and over again remembering this wonderful date.

2-Day Orlando Theme Parks Tour from Miami (2 Parks at Your Choice)


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Spots To Visit And Things To Do In Seattle – The Travel Guide

Seattle is filled with things to do and  treasured local-approved spots to visit 

Seattle is many things to me before I step foot on the city for the first time. I read about its ferries in middle school, and there is the popular ABC TV series Grey’s Anatomy telling tales about that place. I know about its humid weather, and that it is the origin of Starbucks (aka my life support lol). All of the  above represents a side of the city. But this city’s characteristic is so complex and diverse, you can only try to grasp a hint of it when you actually go there.

Pike Place Market
Pike Public Market

I visited the city in mid of May, on a gloomy rainy day. My first stop was at the Pike Place Market. This place is a commercial and cultural center of the city and it has so much to offer. The market is humongous and amazingly vibrant, with farmers and fishermen hawking their merchants, street performers singing and dancing, and all the visitors coming and going. There were an entire row of booths selling fresh tulips, and I found the most delicious chowder- the Pike Place Chowder.

Delicious Seafood in Seattle
Delicious Seafood

The original Starbucks store is located here, as well as the sticky-icky Gum Wall. This place is indeed a visitor’s must (and tbh, a local’s must-visit spot, too).

Sticky - Icky Gum Wall
Sticky – Icky Gum Wall

Like every other big cities, there must be a one and only skyscraper that you can go up and overlook the city. In Seattle, this tower is the the Space Needle.

Seattle Space Needle
Seattle Space Needle

I went to the Space Needle when the dark clouds melted away. I was fortunate enough to see it under the clear blue sky. This is yet another place that I think has more sentimental significance to the city than functional. This is the iconic landmark of the city, you probably remember it from the Sleepless Seattle, and maybe some other films or TV shows.

Chihuly Garden and Glass
Chihuly Garden and Glass

By the foot of the Space Needle is the Chihuly Garden and Glass. This is the kind of place which declares “creativity has no limits.” Glass became the splashy candy-like art pieces, almost magically. The glass sculptures scattering in the garden, looking like deep-marine plants, as if they can breath and grow.

Chihuly Garden and Glass
Chihuly Garden and Glass

I went to the Seattle Aquarium as well. This is a rather boutique aquarium comparing to the Atlanta Aquarium or even the New England Aquarium. It is definitely a family-style attraction. I was mainly there to see their sea otters. They are just the cutest and happiest fuzzy balls! I stood by the tank for a solid half-hour, just watching them paddling in the water, and I took about 50 pictures. I was obsessed.

Otter at Seattle Aquarium
Cute Otter at Seattle Aquarium


Seattle Aquarium
Seattle Aquarium

The tourists attractions are not the only memorable thing about the city of Seattle. I remember the pink floral tunnel towards the seashore, the neon signs hanging from the ceilings of Pike Place Market, and the aroma of coffee floating in the alleys. On the elevator ride up to the Space Needle, I looked to the side and saw a couple huge spiders painted on the roof of a low-rise building. I also found a untraversed garden, with many old stuffy toys and piggy statues.

How would I describe the city? Well, if you have read the Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, you’ll know that each city has its own characteristics. I think of this book a lot, especially when I travel to a new place. I try to fit my impressions of these cites into his words. To me, Boston is Zaira, where the history of the city is carved into every piece of brick. New York is Zemrude, the city is either heaven or hell, depending on your perspective. And there is Seattle, or in his words, Eudoxia, one of the most ambiguous cities he ever described in that book.

 “Every inhabitant of Eudoxia compares the carpet’s immobile order with his own image of the city, an anguish of his own, and each can find, concealed among the arabesques, an answer, the story of his life, the twists of fate.”

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