7 Reasons To Take A Canadian Rocky Mountains Train

Looking to travel to Rocky Mountains? 7 Reasons To Take A Train

Rocky Mountains Tours
Banff National Park, Canada

Traveling to the Canadian Rockies is an amazing experience that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Creating memories is part of our human nature and whether you are seasoned traveler who has traveled with family, friends or that special someone, or a traveler who is long overdue for a journey, we wanted to share our 7 Reasons To Take A Canadian Rocky Mountains Train:

1. Nominated 7 Times as the Best Train Tour in the World

7 Reasons To Take A Canadian Rocky Mountains Train
Canadian Rocky Mountains Train

Rocky Mountaineer rail-tour is not only known for its famous reputation but also for its comfortable service. Moreover, it has been nominated seven times as the best train tour in the world. Rocky Mountaineer train tour attracts a large number of visitors worldwide every year. Visitors can enjoy the unique 360 panoramic views.

2. Chance to Visit World-Famous Tourist Attractions

The train journey of Rocky Mountaineer will go through Western Canada. Along the road, visitors will visit world famous tourist attractions, such as Vancouver and Whistler and other Canadian Rockies Mountains.
Rocky Mountaineer has been selected as the world’s best train trip by the World Travel Awards. It ranked higher than The Royal Scotsman from Scotland, Blue Train from South Africa, and Eastern and Oriental Express from Asia, which are well-known train trips in the world. World Travel Awards is the most prestigious award, which hails as the symbol of a quality judge for the whole travel industry. In addition to the award from World Travel Awards, Rocky Mountaineer also won prizes from National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, Outside, and numerous of magazines.

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Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

3. Comfortable Train Service and Incredible Views

Taking a tour to the Canadian Rockies by train and bus is an amazing journey not only because the comfortable train services but also because of the incredible views. Travelers can enjoy the towering mountains, winding coast, serene lake, lush valleys, huge Indian totems, strange wildlife, as well as the bustling city. Rocky Mountaineer takes travelers to places that vehicles and most of the public transportations cannot reach. It will lead its passengers through the picturesque countryside, flying over the rugged canyons, circling the cliffs, and tunneling into the caves.

7 Reasons To Take A Canadian Rocky Mountains Train
Canadian Rockies in beautiful September day

4. Try the World-Renowned Canadian Ice Wine

Rocky Mountaineer has spacious carriages, which is not only clean and luxurious, but also comfortable. Passengers can enjoy the scenery from looking at the view outside the window, and capture brown bear or elk when they are crossing the road. Moreover, passengers usually use their free time to write travel notes or enjoy a variety of cuisine, afternoon tea, and local rare wines – especially the world-renowned Canadian ice wine.

5. Multiple Train Routes

Rocky Mountaineer includes multiple train routes for its sightseeing itinerary. The top two popular train routes are Whistler Routes and the Canadian Rocky Mountain Routes.
The traveler will take Whistler Sea to Sky Climb train when traveling in Whistler Routes, which is between Whistler and Vancouver. Along the way, travelers will go through the famous Sea to Sky corridor, West Vancouver, and Stunning Stanley Park, Howe Sound coast, Shannon Falls, Mount Garibaldi, Cheakamus Canyon, and Brandywine Falls.

6. Heritage Observation Car & Three Types of Trains

Heritage Observation Car is a special open space without glass windows in Whistler Sea to Sky Climb train. Heritage Observation opens daily so that travelers can enjoy their time sitting in this area and taking pictures. In addition to the breathtaking views outside the windows, Heritage Observation has extremely upscale and comfortable facilities, which not only provide elegant dishes and drinks but also provides Whistler Sea to Sky Climb train postcard for travelers as a souvenir. There are three types of Rocky Mountaineer trains – GoldLeaf Service, SilverLeaf Service, and RedLeaf Service. GoldLeaf Service is the most luxury one among the three services, which is not only extremely comfortable but full of amenities.

7. Canadian Rockies, Unspoiled Natural Landscapes

There are many ways to travel in the Canadian Rockies, such as Circle Rail Packages, Journey through the Clouds, and Rainforest to Gold Rush, and there are many popular cities in the surrounding area, including Kamloops, Quesnel, Jasper, and Calgary. However, the reason that Rocky Mountaineer attracts travelers is for the opportunity to feel the many unspoiled natural landscapes and the majestic Rocky Mountains. The grasslands, snow-covered peaks, and the mysterious Aboriginal cultures all make Rocky Mountaineer train travel a top choice when traveling to Canada.

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